Make Art

I came back to create after a long pause.
I am looking new material to give new life, forge me with it, as metal and fire.
Its rebirth is my rebirth ...

💙 I am very passionate about what I do, with every my creation I transmit emotions ...

... I have the hope that you can understand what it means to wear something special ...
You will find slight imperfections and signs of manual labor. These will contribute to the uniqueness and beauty of the shapes and are simply part of the character of the single piece.
Each of my creations is unique, because there is only one copy of it.

I come from Italy, in the Lombardy region, from the small town of Lissone, a small reality located at the gates of Milan.

Initially my creativity I was oriented on decoupage, then my passion moved on the jewels.
I use polymeric pastes, I love to model them and give shape to my creativity ... 💙

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